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AirQUIS Information

AirQUIS Information is the ultimate dissemination platform direct to the public, decision makers and even researchers around the globe. It provides your city, region or country with real time data within a professional web portal that can inform on current Air Quality, Pollution Warnings, Health Regulations, News, Reports and any other data relevant for your users.

Like all AirQUIS products, AirQUIS Information can be used in combination with the other product line members to create a custom Monitoring network that is tailored to your specific needs.

AirQUIS Information consists of public pages as well as administrative pages. The administrative pages enable the representatives of the monitoring network within a city, or at the national level, to control all the information and data that is displayed on the public pages.


AirQUIS Contacts
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AQ Norway
Current Air Quality for Norway. Data from the National Air Quality Portal,
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