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Like its predecessor, the new model NDL3 data logger from NILU is interfaced for digital communication with the measurement instruments. It is a general purpose data logger and can be programmed to communicate with any instrument that has a RS232 port.

To overcome the necessity of reprogramming the data logger when changing instrumentation each NDL3 will be configured to fit onto one specific instrument. So wherever the instrument goes the data logger will follow. Where possible a single data logger may collect data from daisy-chained instruments. If more than one data logger is in operation at a site those data loggers will be connected to a switch, which in turn enables communication with “home office”. Communication between the data loggers and the switch is wireless and based on Bluetooth. Wireless communication eliminates cable spaghetti and protects the instruments from possible spikes arriving via ground based telephone lines. The switch (or the data logger in single or daisy-chained instrument configurations) supports communication with home office via GSM and ground based modems.

Traditional data collection is based on logging of analogue measurement signals in combination with logging of external status signals. By collecting data via the digital communication port, typically the RS232 serial port, collection of both measurement data and status parameters over a single port is possible. Normally more status information will be available by using the serial port than what are available using external status signals.

The concept of a dedicated data logger for each instrument solves the problem of lack of common communication standards across instrument suppliers.

For more information, please refer to the NILU Innovation portal www.niluinnovation.com/Logger

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