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AirQUIS - ADACS Details
Unit Conversion
ADACS performs automatic unit conversion on the data to ensure consistency.

Data Scaling
ADACS can perform Automatic Scaling of data as well as Automatic calculation of e.g. NO2 from NOX and NO.

Each instrument can be individually calibrated to ensure a more accurate reading of the data.

Quality Assurance
ADACS flags data automatically. For example, if the data peaks higher or lower than a set threshold, this data will be flagged in order to be later reviewed. Data validation for above maximum limit, below minimum limit and too many equals are all automatically checked at the point of origin.

These automatic services create a basis for quality assuring the data, which can later serve as a starting point for higer level QA analysis.
AirQUIS Contacts
Tel:  +47  69898000
Eml: airquis@nilu.no
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